Monday, April 25, 2011

Fear of Possibilities

I'm scared to death at such possibilities
Which are likely never to be
But, none the less, may

And in this fear comes a manifestation
Of routes and dialogue
Rehearsed and sorted
In the event of the catastrophe

But let it be wasteful times
For no evidence sways me
But a past of faded foot steps
And the weight of inaudible moments

Let it be no more than insurance
A hover of a foot
Ready to move
Ready to bare it all again

But alas my leg grows weary
Yearns to exhale
To stray an eye at the beauty of her
For it's the fortress that pushes
At my own free will
And yet I still fear the possibilities

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rescue Me

Rescue me
Words woven in strings
That long
And ease
My eyes lids closed

Settle now
In the void that haunts me
Pat it down
Dense and full
Am I satisfied?

Exhale right through me
Shuffle now
So still
It sways
Until I have no more to give
Shall it never come?
Or unrecognized right here?

A spark
To break the chains
To abandonment
Of the lips that turned away?
You're here now
Not within sight
Rescue me

Retract my arm
Divert my eyes
Let me smell the open fields
Hold me tight
Blow words
I dream to hear

Let laughter echo
My savior
My truth
Into words of my own
As a page
As in ink
Rescue me
Rescue me

Friday, April 8, 2011

Subtle, The Great Rebuttal

The disposition on this position
Is contradicting, if not true
For the nature of the acted, distracted
Contracts how we naturally do

So to engage is to enrage
On a stage, we’ve always known
And going against pretense
Is, hence, the greatest tone

Wherein, best interest is barren
Daring for a greater purpose
And if silences can get compliance
Then reliant is this harden surface

And an exhale will entail
A trail far from the scene we speak
For only then on wholly bends
We fend off what makes us weak

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rising of a Spot Light

The spot light is upon us
Natural like we never dreamed
Corners that were once mysterious
Flow truth like a raging stream

And behind us is the night we left
Before us, a hazy mist
Beside us are familiar eyes
And above us a determined fist

Instinctively our hearts will race
Origin of which unknown
Clarity is in the air my friends
Exhale now, we’re fully grown

So the chills of frost is mellow
Down to a sweetly sung breeze
The things that made us who we are
Are what brought us to our knees

Now the dying winter hardness
Melts in the glorious of plights
And all that is left is us
Upon this spot light