Thursday, May 27, 2010

And Casually Life Throws a Curve Ball

She scans the restaurant, not look for anything in particular, rather, hoping for him to realize it's her. Sure enough a clean cut, blue eyed man in a casually summer attire lifts his hesitant right arm to wave her over. His perfectly portioned face relieved a sense of relief in her and causes her pace to quicken. The hint of mutual interest allowed weighs to be lifted from them both.

She smoothes her yellow spring dress as she takes her seat, exchanging greeting with her gorgeous blind date before their attention shift to the elegant menu.

"Sorry I'm late," she begins, "I had three projects to look after at work. To make things worse, I was on the phone with my banker AND having an email conversation with my realtor! Thank god I am a multi-tasker!" she takes a breath. "How about you Bruce? Are you a multi-tasker?"

He thinks for a moment, "does peeing in the shower count?"


"Well then yes I am."

Minds That Change

The range
Is strange-
-ly far for any
To think that minds
Like mines,
Can bend fate but many

That feel
Society steals
Possibilities at youth
Harness no more
Than solar
Shutting down real truth

Not deflate-able
If minds are put to it
Anything is possible
Common laws? Break through it

As it may be
This, in way agree
Through ideas so deranged
And drastically
Do catastrophe
Come from minds that change