Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Days of Different Shades

It takes a shade of lipstick
To acknowledge me
That we are unknowing now
It gets stranger
We're stranger, once a danger
To my identity
I'm counting inventory
Just to maintain 
Some sensory
Once natural, elementary
Once a wonder from your company
Now more cumbersome to a degree
Searching for the sound of your voice
By choice
That was fully equipped
Fully enriched
Words that lay
Behind that new shade of lips

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just, If I

This is me, in the heart of fall
Coldness lurks, death’s frantic call
And this stillness shakes me
Reflecting on things that break me
Crushing the spirit, but in the end
It makes me
And I don’t even know it
Like a true spoken poet
Stumbling since I was born
Clothes worn get so worn
By the sacrifices for greater good
Sometimes unaccepting yet always understood
And if I could
I’d choose a path well justified
If not at the time, then at the end
It’s just, if I
Could be aware, well then
I’d feel spared
Or rather, temporarily impaired
But is it not so?
Amidst all my woes,
I’m here, with less fear
And all my fingers and toes
And in turn, all my paths Undeniable
Through and through
Sweet tragedies, renewed
And regret is but a debt
That is way over due
I’m repressed free
Earning my yearnings
War wounds of stories
And as I’ve written before
Nothing less, nothing more
To the core
Expense free
This is me. This is me.