Monday, February 28, 2011

A Push From Negative

In spite of
The height of
This catastrophe

It might of,
In light of

Come off
That some of
It beneficiary

Minus tons of
The run off
Of contradictory

Stolen Reflection

And if the light should pass
Through shutters shuttering
I shall listen to it's tales
And project it's uttering

For the gate way to me
Is wide in it's aperture
Specific are the words
Of the imagine I capture

And what a sweet release
Warmth of life, now frozen
This is the current state
A frame in time, chosen

So blinded with a flash
I steal a pose away forever
Glorify me on walls and desks
I will not lie now nor ever

And of the many many words
I give to you a thousand
A story far beyond physical
Snap a finger to you loud then

Cherish me or rip me up
I'm an art, an inspiration, a laugh
Developing to remind you all
I'm much more than photographs

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Rush in The Name of Art

Rediscovered in a voice of old entries
My lungs shake itself of aging dust
And with that, brings renewed faith
In words, inspired by natures of rust

Fiercer then, than future thoughts
Empowered by mere confusion
A search for strength, or just its curtains
State my claims before the accusing

And the body I dwell served me well
Through my mouth, I made foundations
That was me, in all my glory
The rumbling, like train stations

Finger the bookmarks I laid away
Transfer it straight into my heart
Shake the basket of words that are left
Feel the rush in the name of art.

A Little Pain, A Literature Gain

We all bleed sometime
Let's get it over with
Caught red wristed
Searching for that word smith

This demanding page
With it's judgmental lines
Trace the healed scars
With a cheap bottle of wine

Breathe it all in
Until it runs our veins
We spread upon the paper
Like water down a drain

It all comes through hard
Smoked out by our desire
For truth and for beauty
So set my lungs on fire

Hush now please
For this piece is done
Twice we glance
What this room has spun

Lay dry in my hands
You are safe my friend
I'll call upon your services
When my heart beats again

Affairs With Summer

As it drops much below freezing,
I still find it most pleasing
To watch her smile in my mind’s eye

A view so embedded
To forget is to be beheaded
So I give my scarf a tighter tie

To feel her excited breath
Would make for a happy death
I fear no ice that causes my slip

My cold dry cheeks
Desperately seeks
The warmth of her soft wet lips

So the wind pushes rough
At this man, so tough
Attempts to put memories to slumber

Shake, I might
But smile, despite
I'll still remember my affairs with Summer